Episode 2: Aloha Yourself, with Founder Iris Plunkett

What makes Hawai`i so special?  It’s the Aloha Spirit.  However, you can’t give what you don’t have.  Here’s an introduction to Aloha Yourself.  A personal development opportunity available for your business, corporate training or personally. 

Based on the 5 principles of A-L-0-H-A;

A-Akahai meaning kindness

L-Lōkahi, meaning unity

O-Olu`olu meaning agreeable

H-Ha`aha`a meaning humility

A-Ahonui, meaning don’t give up, perserverance

Once you embrace the Aloha spirit begin to use it as your GPS for life.

For more information contact Iris at alohayourself.com