Ready to Launch

Can you believe it? We’re almost half-way thru the month of February. This month is focused on ALOHA, which is LOVE. One of the things I love to do is spend time with you. I know it’s impossible to do that in person, so I had an idea to make it happen weekly. We can spend time together as you drive in the car, while you’re exercising, or preparing dinner. You pick the date and time. Now here’s the way we’re going to make that happen. I’m so excited to announce to you the newest addition to our website (drum roll please) my new Podcast, Life with Lani Larrua Show.

This idea of doing a podcast, came to me as I was walking down the country utility access road in my neighborhood. Every time I take Coco (my sweet cockapoo) for a walk, I put in my headphones (so I don’t have to hear myself breathing, haha) and listen to a podcast. Podcasts, are place where listeners go to gain knowledge and grow. Podcasts and their listeners have grown by 24% in the last year. As one of my life intentions, I want to always be a learner, do you feel the same way? Anyway, as I walked along the (small) hills and thru a dry riverbed and reached the highest point on my walk, I paused an looked around me. I saw that I was standing in the na`au (the center) of the five mountain tops of this island, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kohala, Kilauea and Hualalai. The clear blue skies, soft billowing clouds and trade-winds blowing the sweat off my temple. It was then I heard a still small voice. It reminded me that out of the middle of the Pacific Ocean (what looks a tiny land mass on the globe), I live in paradise. From this paradise, come great things, great people and great stories. We are in the start of a new decade and I had just written my 2020 goals and intentions which included that I am to make a difference with my life from the middle of the sea. Hawai`i island is the biggest land mass fondly known as Moku o Keawe. It really is the crossroads to the East and West continents. We are strategic location. I am here for such a time as this.

So what would this podcast focus on? I’ve been working with women for over thirty years. Life for a woman has changed quite a lot in the last fifty years. I want to help women to reach their full potentials through the many seasons of their lives. The principles and stories that are shared may not just be for women, but for everyone. So I named it LIFE with Lani Larrua Show.

I hope you’ll take a listen and if you like it, share it with your friends and family and tune in weekly for the latest conversation. New episodes will be released on (what better day) than ALOHA Friday. To date we are on Spotify, Google Play, and by next week on I Tunes (fingers crossed).

Whether you currently live in Hawai`i, or were born and raised here and relocated to another place on the planet, take a listen and send me an email, or leave your review. If there is a topic you would like to talk about, let me know that too. This podcast is for US.