A Wise Woman Shares Advice about Business in Hawaii.

My guest today is a long time friend that I’ve known since she was teenager.  She has grown up to become an inspiring woman with skills that put her out in front leading her community in business and non-profits.  She is a wife to Alex and mother of 4 young women, who are rocking their own worlds.  She is an Entrepreneur, Ordained Minister, and is what I call a Servant Leader.  

Please welcome my guest Renee Tinay Lo.  

Alex and Renee Lo of Freedom Communications and #bobalicious_808

Got 5 Minutes?

Join the Dream Team in committing to pray for #Pause2016 in just 5 minutes a day.

Yes, you read that right.  5 minutes spent in prayer for this Annual Statewide Conference can change lives forever.  Not just for the woman who attends, but for her family, her workplace, her church and even her future.

Won’t you join me in bringing heaven to earth?

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A Pause-We Need It!

The moment I sat in the conference I was able to let down and release emotions that I had been holding in.  I was able to laugh- really laugh- hard.  I was able to cry and not be strong for anyone.  I was able to see my husband and our relationship different.  I was able to hear that the issues I was having with my children would pass.  I was strengthened realizing I was not the only one in my situation. I discovered new ways to handle finances.  I experienced the joy of meeting goals.  I had dreams deposited in my heart.  Many ah-ha moments I took away that helped me in the months that followed.  These are the reasons why I take time and invest in myself each year to spend it with my tribe-Women.

So why do I put off my own self-care as a woman?  I’ve found that through the years when a women’s conference is offered that promises to refresh and energize me, I wait till the last-minute to make a decision to attend and register.  As well as make my hotel, ground and air transpIMG_8416ortation.  Through the many seasons of our lives we tend to pour out our entire beings to our children, our partners and/or our jobs.  If an opportunity came for our children that would encourage or enlarge their ability to improve their lives, we would sign them up right away.  Often times we wouldn’t even care how much it costs.  But when it comes to investing in ourselves, we dilly-dally, make excuses, and procrastinate.  At the moment I boarded the plane I realized for the next 72 hours, I would be alone with myself (my real self-the one without titles or responsbilities), and others who were busy doing the same life as me.

It was at these conferences that God spoke clearly and concisely to me about the future of my spouse, my children and/or my career.  After the first session, I reflected again-why does it take me so long to commit to investing in myself?  I would then promise myself that the next time I would sign up right away.  Well let me speak into your life now-you’re worth it!  Invest in yourself, so that you can keep giving and going.  The money you spend on yourself will return back to you in ways you cannot count.  So like the song goes, “Oh Baby-You’re Worth It!”


Ala Moana Room Block ends 8/22/16 for Pause for the Cause 2016  

Make your reservation today.  


Reservations Toll Free: (800) 367-6025

Reservations Local Phone: (808) 955-4811


Creating a Beautiful Life

I’ve just started two new things in my life.  I believe they will improve my quality of life and also help to become more sustainable.  Those two things are juicing and composting. My goal is to help reduce the trash filling up our landfills, grow my own food, and feel better while doing both.  I welcome you to join me on the journey.

In the following weeks I’ll be posting my journey here and welcome your thoughts and comments too.  Subscribe to this blog and check back often for ideas and tips.  Together we can create a beautiful life. 

It's A Beautiful LIFE
It’s A Beautiful LIFE